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One decision can change everything... 

The Coaching Fast-Track™ program has created the success stories below and all of them started with one fateful decision to jump in and book a call with us amidst all the chaos, noise, and distractions online.

If you're on the fence we recommend listening to some of our students stories.

  • Lindsey [shown here], landed 15 new clients in first 14 days
  • Mailani [shown below], has repeating $10k weekends with her new program
  • Sathiya [shown below] , made his first $7k in only weeks despite starting from scratch
  • Maria [shown below], is doing $4.8k weeks in her niche on relationships
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Sathiya made $7k in a couple weeks... 

Sathiya helps men overcome their addictions to pornography. In just a few weeks of joining the program he put together a new premium priced offer and sold $7k worth of memberships in his warm network alone. He's now building his own online program so he can focus on putting more men through his training.

  • He started with low priced coaching
  • He was afraid to ask for what his coaching was truly worth
  • Despite starting from scratch he brought in $7k in his first few weeks
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Client Stories

Mailani M

Mailani has been a talent coach for the last decade and shifted from doing what most other coaches do to diligently seeking how she can be an industry leader so her clients can succeed in an ultra competitive space.

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Sathiya S

Sathiya has always been a generalist and wanted to be able to increase his prices as a coach while coaching clients with a focus on the area he had the most skill. Today Sathiya is highly paid for solving a big problem.

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Maria H

Maria shares how she went from maternity leave to launching her coaching business to $4,800 dollar weeks since joining the Masterclass Coaches Fast-Track Program. No guessing where to start for Maria.

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More Client Testimonials

See and hear why more coaches are choosing the Masterclass Coaches Fast-Track Program to build their businesses

Mailani M

$10k in 10 days

Hear how Mailani has transformed her coaching business over the last 2 months since joining Masterclass Coaches.


Now, $10k Weekends...

Mailani, based in Hawaii, landed a dream client just 10 days after joining the program. More importantly, Mailani went from bringing in $3,000 a month to doing $10K on several of her weekends and just recently had a few $10k days of revenue. She has followed every piece of advice we've given her and has built a beautiful process for scaling her practice to free her from being stuck down. Mailani is doing the work, cutting out all the noise and entirely focusing on levelling up for her clients. Most importantly, Mailani and her husband are finally in a place to begin hunting for their dream home and build their life after years of setbacks. Her coaching business has become so structured that she's able to win back time, get her clients better results and charge what she's worth. Watch the above video to her her story today!

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Sathiya S

Helping Others Addicted To Pornography

Listen to Sathiya share how he launched and landed a premium $3,000 coaching client in a few weeks of joining Masterclass Coaches.


From Generalist To Sought After Specialist

Sathiya went from relying on his 9-5 for income to building a coaching business in a few weeks that has allowed him to solve a a big problem - married men trapped in pornography addictions. Not only is Sathiya operating in his zone of genius, but he is consistently coaching people to get incredible results and is being paid premium prices to do so. Best of all, Sathiya is now turning his program online, freeing up more time so he can focus further on getting his coaching clients results. Sathiya learned that in order to become a highly sought after specialist, he had to put down the banner most coaches wave of "generalist". Listen to our interview above to hear Sathiya share.

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Maria H

From $2k months to $4,800 weeks

Maria shares how she went from maternity leave to launching her coaching business to $4,800 dollar weeks since joining the Masterclass Coaches Fast-Track Program.


Single Mom On A Mission 

Maria was incredibly nervous when joining Masterclass Coaches (listen to her share this same story in the interview above). In order to join she told me she had to withdraw some of her baby girl's savings to invest in her dream. I told her it was a great idea... and it has proven to be true. Today Maria brings in upwards of $4,800 / week as she enrols clients into her premium program that she designed once she began working with us. Everything changed when Maria realized how she had no marketing system in place and no tested and proven approach to handling her sales calls and prospect objections. The moment Maria had alignment with her zone of genius, her niche, offer, copywriting and ability to close clients has forever changed her business and her life.

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Masterclass Coaches

Some of our coaches

Who have just made the decision and joined the Coaching Fast-Trackā„¢


Kelle C & Nina 

Christie C


Robert H

Anny T


Becky O

Alicia R


Sathiya S

Mailani M


Maria H

Nicole H


Sharron H

Scott H


Bolanle P

Gina B


Kelly G

Lynn D


Sandra K

Christina H


Julie M

Lindsey M

Want To Learn How They Did It?

Mailani, Sathiya and Maria all followed the same proven and step-by-step process that every one of the Masterclass Coaches follow in our Fast-Track program. We break down the essentials in this free training.


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