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Why you have value all wrong, and it's killing your business.




Something we hear tossed around a lot.


"Just add value." People all seem to echo.


But no one every actually tells us:


What is value?


And how do you "add it", exactly?


In order to understand value...


you must make this transition:



From thinking

like an employee,

To acting

like an entrepreneur.



Here's how you know if you have the employees or entrepreneurs thinking.


And it's easy to tell...


When you offer your services, do you base your value around time?


Said differently;


Do you price your services by time?


If so... you are thinking exactly like employees.


Employees are paid a steady hourly [time-based] wage.


Entrepreneurs are not paid by the hour.


Now while that just clicked for some of you and you saw the light.


Others reading this thought, "well what's the alternative?"


Let's now discuss the entrepreneurs mind...


Being paid hourly is literally trading your time for dollars.


That is a services business and it does not scale.




A business that gives you time and financial freedom looks like this:


People give you money to help solve a specific problem.


The moment your business is focused on doing this, everything changes.


The moment you help solve a specific problem, people stop looking for more time from you.


Instead, they start wondering how quickly they can get out of the "hell" that they are living in.


If you interested in understanding how we go about accomplishing this:


Don't just watch this training- study it and pay close attention to the 2:30 mark.




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