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The Most Important Coaching Skill?


Here’s a question for you…

What’s the difference between a coach that does $50k/yr vs $250k/yr?


Some may think it’s their coaching skills,


Others may think it’s how big their network is,


Lots think it comes down to their fame and online appearance.


It’s none of these.


In fact, it's a skill any coach can learn systematically...

It’s this: Defining value in a consultation.




Do I mean sales skills, you ask?


Sort of, you see there is a catch...


You should never "sell yourself" during a consultation!


You need to show that you understand the prospect’s struggles, pains, and dreams better than they do.


And once you can do that, well..... You’ve opened the floodgates and you’ll have endless clients banging at your door.


Because if you can display your value by showing them:


What emotional pain have they already endured up until this point?


What emotional anxiety will be overcome if they move forward to work with you?


How much time is working with you going to save them (specifically)?


How much money will they make or save by working with you (specifically down to the penny)?


...If you can lay that out well — it's no longer a cost. It's an INVESTMENT!


More than that — for the prospect, it becomes an absolute no brainer to work with you.


When your prospect is sitting there,

In awful pain, struggling day in and day out with their problem,


And they make the decision to take the money out of their wallet and give it to you at a high price point.....


It's because they truly see the value — and it's your job to show it to them.


So if you're ready to learn how to help your clients at a whole new level,

And stop hopelessly charging hourly rates that are unsustainable and won’t get you to where you want to go…


And finally, build the coaching business you’ve always dreamed of...


Let's talk.

No more excuses,


Jake Nicolle


P.S. If you’re unable to define your value on a consultation with a prospect, you’ll forever struggle to charge premium prices — you must learn this invaluable skill.

Let me show you how… Schedule a meeting to transform your life.


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