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"The Un-Resourceful Coach"


Do you practice what you preach?




There is a black plague in the coaching industry right now.


It's “coaches” who teach things that they themselves are unwilling to do.


“I can’t find people to work with.”


Who has the results you want? Are you modeling what’s working for others? Or are you doing what every other failing coach is doing?


“I’m listening to the advice of so and so… and it’s not working.”


Are “so and so” truly using the exact advice they are giving you to use in their personal businesses today? Or is it theoretical advice? Or advice from more than 12 months ago?


“I can’t seem to raise my prices.”


What level of investment have you invested in yourself?


“I don’t have any financial resources right now to invest in myself.”


Then how are you equipped to tell others how to take control of their own lives?


“I’m going to manifest $10k/month.”


This one gets me. Manifesting is not a business strategy… It’s a by-product of incredibly clear focus and action.


“I just can’t seem to grow.”


Do you remember what the definition of insanity is? People who do the same thing repeatedly and are surprised the results don't change.




I’m sharing all this because I believe coaches who are

  • well equipped,
  • full of integrity and
  • authentic to their message...


...Are one of the most valuable resources in the marketplace.


Unfortunately, I’m seeing coaches saturating the marketplace who have more excuses than clients and less focus than a goldfish.


If you are going to wave the banner of being a coach… please be:

  • relentless,
  • resourceful,
  • committed, and
  • strategic.


Get around another coach who has the results you want and can place you into a community with other hard-working and highly effective coaches.


Most of all...


Get into a community that will be honest with you and tell you the things you might not like to hear but absolutely need to hear.


That is the surest way to succeed and stand out from the current crowd of un-resourceful clients.






P.S. If you’re trying to figure out how to step into the coach you know you are meant to be but are currently not stepping into action. I’ve put together this free training just for you. If you don’t have 40 minutes to invest in yourself (at no cost), then there’s little I can do to help you thrive, my friend.


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