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Reading... A Bad Idea?


Is your goal to grow your business?


You shouldn't read another book.


I'm going to try and convince you why.


Because reading is actually working against you.


95% of books are spent trying to convince you:

Why you should believe the author's insights.


The other 5%?

The actual insights.


All that time spent for some insights.


Do you even need more insights right now?


Or would you prefer a proven step-by-step system you can follow to grow?


If your goal is to gain insights alone...


Then, read on.


If your goal is to win your ideal clients and build a business...


Do not read another page.


Get a mentor with a system.


So you can begin to apply the insights you already have to a business that works.


Now, don't get me wrong here...


I love books.


As a matter of fact, I'm reading Mastery by Robert Greene right now.




I am only reading because I already have a system in place to apply insights.


My strategy is helping me bring value into the world through leadership training.


And I'm winning clients as a result.


I am reading with a very specific goal in mind.


I'm specifically looking for insights on mastery that I can apply to my business right now.


I am not reading about something I might be able to apply in the future.*


And that is a remarkably important difference.


You cannot become a masterful coach:

  • By reading about it
  • With no clients
  • With more certificates


You only master coaching through working with clients.


If you are interested how to:

  • Identify your Market Anchors™
  • Win your ideal clients
  • Activate your Client Protocol™
  • Move towards mastery at a rapid speed


Then I have a special offer for you:


I am booking calls today for free 1-on-1's this week.*


My schedule fills up quick when I have done this in the past so I will accept the first 30 appointments for this week at no cost.


Register now.






Book a 1-on-1 call with Jake today.


*P.S. Use Code: FREE40 - for the question "What makes you different from the other applicants..." in your application. I will also share my top 2 strategies for winning clients on the private calls.


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