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Why perfection ruins profit


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“Perfect is the enemy of the good.” – Voltaire


Perfect is also the enemy of you making a profit.


How do I know?


I have personally spoken with just shy of 200 coaches this year.


Can you guess why 95% of them are making less than $8k/month?




In business, making an impact is my number 1 goal.


That is why our 40 minute training is called The 6-Impact Steps.


Business should make an impact.




I can NOT make an impact without making a profit.


And I can't make a profit chasing perfect.


And you know what?


Neither can you.


If you are ready to put systems in place to combat this perfection plague, then...


I want to have a call with you personally, 1-on-1.


Only reach out if I resonated with you after watching the video.


It's time to remove perfection, make a profit, and leave your impact.





Book a 1-on-1 call with Jake today.


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