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The #1 Focus For Coaches


When coaches start out in business, they’re usually confused.


The story goes something like this:


  1. Finally, make the jump and commit to the coaching profession
  2. Get a coaching certification
  3. Realize you have no idea how to get clients...


You begin combing through your network for anyone you might be able to help,


You go to “networking” events to try and find leads or opportunities,

But next thing you know, it’s happened…


You’ve exhausted your personal network.


New business has dried up.




And that’s when the panic really begins…


I’ve talked to countless coaches that have experienced some version of this story.


And frankly, they were fed up with it.


Thankfully, those feelings are a distant memory for the coaches we work with.


Because they’ve changed their focus completely.


Let me give you a quick insight...


“ROI Focused Marketing.”


This makes all the difference in the world. Here’s how you do it:


Only focus on 1-2 marketing methods MAX.


You must MEASURE exactly how many meetings have been booked on the calendar, and how many clients you got.


So, how do you determine your marketing method?


The first question to ask yourself this…


“Exactly how many meetings and clients will I get from this investment of time, money or energy?”


We focus mainly on Facebook & LinkedIn — they've been proven to be the highest ROI methods in the coaching industry today.


This means:


  • No more “branding”, or random social media posts you can’t track and tie back to your calendar directly.

  • No more guest posting or podcast appearances unless you can tell exactly how many clients you close from doing that.

  • No more relying on blog posts, youtube videos or “HOPE” marketing...


Only focus on directly reaching out to targeted clients AND advertising that you can track to the dollar to determine *exactly* how much you’re paying for every consultation on the calendar.


Because the truth is in coaching practices….


If it doesn’t result in a qualified prospect on the calendar, there’s no ROI there! Period.


So if you're ready to learn how to really get appointments, and fill up your calendar...


And you're ready to take things to the next level by implementing reliable systems and radically transforming your coaching business — schedule a meeting here.


Your coaching business becomes what you want it to be.


No more excuses,


Jake Nicolle

P.S. We implement “ROI Focused Marketing” with all of our coaches and they watch their businesses transform before their eyes. I’d love to help you do the same. If you’re at all interested, it’s time to book your meeting here.


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