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Why You Should Fail... On Purpose


Failing is a good thing.


When you learn from it… that is.


Too many coaches let the fear of failing cripple them.


I know I have.


Nothing will cause you to fail faster than inaction.




Because you failed by default, immediately, when you don’t act.


You cannot succeed without first trying.


After interviewing and being mentored by coaches like Tim Storey (Oprah’s personal coach) and David Meltzer (CEO coach for fortune 50 companies),


I can tell you one thing for sure:


They have learned to embrace failure.


Dust themselves off.


And get back to doing meaningful work.


Some of the best advice they have given me is to:


“Surround yourself with those who have gone where you want to go.”


If fear is holding you back from hitting the next level in your business.


Watch this video.






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