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Is Coaching Valuable?


Is coaching a high-income skill...

or a low-income skill?

...hold your answer... 

I speak with multiple coaches every single day.

Most of them are making very little.

What is "very little", you ask?

Well under $5k/month.

Most are in the $1-3k range, in their best months with no consistency. 

That is tough to pay the bills with...

and a near impossible wage to gain any form of monetary freedom.

Even "successful coaches" are earning far less than I had ever imagined.

Here's some proof:
My calendar on a Friday, edited only to show meetings, keep private my notes, client last names, and zoom links.


I didn't truly realize how few coaches were successful until I shifted from coaching my clients to begin training coaches.

Here's some truth:

The marketplace has spoken.

There are "certified coaches" everywhere with little (mostly no) clients.

That means:

Coaching is a low-income skill.

And the general public has their guard way up when someone says they are a "coach"...

This is likely due to the saturation in the marketplace of unemployed people who suddenly become "life coaches". 

"But Jake...

I charge $100/hour!

That's not low-income...

and I'm highly skilled!" 


It is low income when you have less than 20/hours per week of paid work, isn't it?

And it's low income when your actual revenues require you keep your part-time, even full-time, job in order to pay the bills.

It's also not perceived as a high-value skill when everyone and their aunt are suddenly boasting they are coaches.


Your clients don't know, or necessarily care, that you're certified.

They care that you can help solve a real problem...

A painful problem.

Here's the thing... 

There are some coaches who are,

actually doing really well!

I get to work with them too and I have the joy of helping them scale their businesses.

I can do this because I brought in $30k/month as a coach to aspiring musicians.

Having had a successful career as a musician first before I began teaching musicians qualified me.

It established trust.

I did this long before I began "coaching coaches".

In my time doing so, I've realized something seemingly obvious:

There's a key to becoming a high-income coach.

But... based on how few certified coaches there are...

- without any clients -

... it's become painfully obvious to me that:

The high-income skills a coach must develop are not only non-obvious...

They are increasingly rare.

This means one thing.

The diligent coach has a better opportunity than ever to stand out.

The true professionals in the coaching industry will be sought after and win the best clients...

they will prove worthy of premium prices...

they will prove equipped to make a true impact.

Here's a few important hints: 
The key is not more certifications
It isn't more of a social media presence.
It is far from streaming live videos.
It is certainly not more blog posts.

The key has to do with the specificity of your work, pricing, personal experience, offer, messaging, and marketing simplicity.

You can't leave these things unaddressed and hope, with any confidence, that clients will magically appear.

You have to have a strategy.

You have to have a consistent process.




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