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4 Beliefs Costing You $15k+/Month


Do you think you believe anything that could be costing you as much as $15,000 each and every month?


I found out 4 of my beliefs were a massive expense to me.


And I learned it the hard way.


I ended up shifting my understanding in 4 areas of coaching, and...


That shift in my thinking resulted in an 800% growth in my revenue as a coach.


Today, I’d like to save you the painfully long road I had to walk.


But first, I have to warn you:


Even though I’m going to share all 4 of them with you,


these 4 beliefs are extremely hard to let go of.


I can say that with confidence because I end up walking all of my clients through these 4 false beliefs in great detail.


It doesn’t matter whether they have coached for 24 months…


Or 24 years.


Most coaches struggle to let go of these beliefs.


But once they do:


Their new mindset has been responsible for (in the case of nearly all of my clients) breaking the $10k/month ceiling and then the $25k/month ceiling on their businesses.


So let’s get started…


And the first thing boggling thing I want to share is this:


75% of my high-paying clients met me the same day they invested in me as their coach.


The other 25%?


24% invested with me on Day 2 of our relationship…


1% invested whenever they get around to it.


100% of the coaches I talk with chase the 1% of clients around all day, developing long-term relationships and waiting for them to convert into customers.


How is that for a radically different model?


One of my clients, Becky, shared this with me the other day:


“I didn’t even plan on signing on as a client with you Jake, but…

Once I realized how clearly you understood my problem,

and how confident you were you could solve it…

I knew it was the best decision.

I’m glad I was right, because…

I hardly knew you, Jake!”


People are looking for solutions, not relationships.


They want someone who can solve their problem.


Once it’s clear you’re that person, the:

  • Timeframe
  • Process
  • Delivery
  • Price

Does not matter.


What matters is one thing…




Now it’s time:


To discuss the 4-false-beliefs that are costing you at least $15,000 every single month:


  1. “I need to sell low priced offers and graduate to high priced offers”
  2. “I need to demonstrate as much credibility as possible - so the more certifications, awards, testimonials, followers, social posts, pictures, videos, website pages, blog posts, interviews, podcasts and articles on you - the better”
  3. “I need to follow-up, follow-up and follow-up, sales take time and require a deeply invested-in relationship”
  4. “I want to be able to coach as many people as possible so I have been told/believe I must offer as wide an array of services and spectrum of testimonials as possible, right?”


All of these are so detrimental to a successful coaching business that I’m amazed it’s taught by so many best-selling autho… I mean, famous coaches.


Every single one of these beliefs is in contradiction to the principles I’ve used to not only grow my own coaching practice to more than $50k/month ($43,772 right now, 1 week out from the months end) but in contradiction to the results that I have consistently helped all my coaching clients experience also.




You can fight these 4 false beliefs alone,

and quite possibly succeed.


I would encourage you to fight them no matter what.


On the other hand:


If you’re interested in learning the solutions I’ve used to combat the 4-false-beliefs, then I have an short training to outline the 6-solutions to these 4 beliefs.


I call this training the 6 IMPACT Steps and it’s the strategy I have used up to this very day in my own business.


It includes:

  • Zero theoretical ideas
  • Zero famous coaches
  • And Zero best-selling books (at least not yet) that I’ve used to get to where I am today


You can find my IMPACT training here for the next few days or hours, depending on when you see this, just click the link below:


IMPACT Steps Training.


I look forward to conquering our doubts and taking ground together.






P.S If you would like to see a short video of myself talking about this, you can check out this link here:



Go book your seat to learn the 6 IMPACT Steps today before it’s offline:




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