Our Story

How We Got Here...

Meet The Founders

Jake Nicolle, Co-Founder & CEO​

Jake has built and sold businesses in multiple industries — He launched one of the first agencies in North America for Amazon advertising which was acquired. He has built online education platforms that collectively had reached millions of individuals around the globe.

Jake has worked alongside some of the largest brands in professional development and helped hundreds of businesses join technology, automation, and leadership skills together. He has been a frequent host for Success Resources, a global leader in business education events.

Jake is focused on creating a world in which leadership and fundamental business skills are the norm, not the exceptions in early stage business owners and established organizations.

Through Masterclass Coaches, Jake is working to help business leaders reach the next level by having a systemized and personalized path to follow.

Paul Carleton, Co-Founder & Growth

Paul has worked with Fortune 100 business leaders at Facebook, Microsoft, HP and others. He has built and grown businesses in multiple industries from book publishing to advertising to executive coaching.

Being so passionate about fostering the spirit of entrepreneurs and leaders, Paul loves supporting them to accomplish their dreams, transform themselves, and successfully make the change they want to see in the world.

Today he is a highly sought after LinkedIn thought-leader, and a Top Quora Writer, sharing his experiences and hard-won insights that have led to over 3 million views.

Through Masterclass Coaches, Paul is committed to building a world-class educational organization that leads clients and students into the modern era.